The BeholdHer Foundation

Tingley’s unparalleled boots-on-the-ground approach to photographing the last wild places and animals has taken her far off the beaten path, to remote places few have known. Through these travels Tingley has met conservationists, research scientists and true heroes waging the fight against poaching and human conflict to protect these environments and animals. 

She founded the BeholdHer Foundation, a dedicated 501 (c)(3) non-profit committed to transparent and measurable change. One hundred percent of all net proceeds from Tingley’s collections go directly to helping real heroes with real money. From boots and supplies for anti-poaching units in Namibia to tracking collars for lions to other wildlife research initiatives, maximum reach and efficacy are assured through her proceeds.

The Beholdher Foundation is committed to providing real money for real change where it matters most – on the ground.

“Without nature, we all become endangered.”
Jessica Tingley

Jessica Tingley is much more than a nature photographer. She is a storyteller committed to sharing emotional imagery to create awareness. She believes strongly that stirring human emotion is extremely important to conservation.

Not always a photographer, Tingley was a celebrity stylist who’s work graced red carpets and magazines for years. She observed the greats in beauty and fashion photography, absorbing the critical eye of perfection. Today, she makes her mark crouched deep in the bush documenting the last truly wild and disappearing places. She has trekked through six of the seven continents exploring her creative vision across a wide array of landscapes and ecosystems. Her personal mission is to create and expand awareness about the plight of these animals and galvanize immediate action to support those who are the last line of defense for these endangered species.